[Ubuntu Intrepid] make: Nothing to be done for `all’.

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In Ubuntu Intrepid 8.10:



sudo apt-get install build-essential libusb-dev libglib2.0-dev
cd r5u87x-881dbd07a263
sudo make



andrea@andrea-laptop:~/r5u87x-881dbd07a263$ sudo make
make: Nothing to be done for `all’.

But the ./loader output display:



andrea@andrea-laptop:~/r5u87x-881dbd07a263$ sudo ./loader
r5u87x firmware loader v0.1
Searching for device…
Found camera : 05ca:1839
Firmware : ucode/r5u87x-05ca-1839.fw

Camera reports negative microcode state.
Sending microcode to camera…
Enabled microcode.
Camera reports microcode version 0×0030.

Successfully uploaded firmware to device 05ca:1839!

What is the problem?


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