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sony vaio vgn fz31m

Anonymous created an issue


First of all thanks for your great work. On hardy everything was working well for me with your driver.

So now with my laptop after using the loader and reloading the uvcvideo module.

Cheese do not say me anymore that no webcam has been detected but he print nothing or a black screen. if i change the resolution in the settings of cheese, there is something for the lowest resolution (160X120) but because it's a wrong resolution cheese print a kind of "fragmented" image.

now if i use this code line :



mplayer tv:/// -tv driver=v4l2:width=640 -fps 30 -v }}}

it give me the perfect image. i suspect the problem is in gstreammer-propertives that i can't configure.

the id of the webcam is 05ca:183b

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