Successfully uploaded firmware, but no device was created.

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Hi for my experience, when the loader reports a connection timeout like: "Error: Failed to upload firmware to device: Connection timed out (code -110)." I must turn off or restart my system and reload again with the command "# r5u87x-loader" And then the firmware loader upload the right ucode without any problem. But i still have a question, after the firmware upload, I cannot see in my /dev folder the video0 device. How can i do to solve this issue?

My kernel version is and the results of microcode upload are "r5u87x firmware loader v0.2

Searching for device... Found camera: 05ca:1870 Camera reports positive microcode state. Camera reports microcode version 0x0112. Not doing anything - camera already setup.

Successfully uploaded firmware to device 05ca:1870!"

Please, anyone can post a solution or a tip to solve this issue is welcome :)

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