== What is it?

simpleproxydns is a simple DNS server to work around where there are proxies
that filter DNS queries.

== How do I configure it?

Edit as appropriate.
If you're not using a proxy, you should be good to go by default.

== How do I use it?

First, make sure you've configured it (see above).

Run as root, and then change your network settings so that your DNS
server is set to "". On Linux, you can just edit the 'nameserver'
setting in /etc/resolv.conf.

Then, just go to websites, and everything should be lovely! :)

== What if I want to host the lookup script myself?

Upload lookup.php to one of your servers, and change the location in the file (DNS_LOOKUP_SERVER). Note that you MUST NOT include the domain
name to the server, ONLY the IP - otherwise you'll get in an infinite loop of

== What's lookup.dns

You can share and edit this file if you like!
It just contains a simple key/value lookup of hostnames and their IPs.

After several thousand entries, it may be useful to clear it out to keep up