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Here's the simple instruction on building Windows installer for TortoiseHg.


[by now you should have already installed Python, pythonwin and PyGtk]

1.  The py2exe distutils extension

2.  Inno Setup (v5.2.2 was used during development)

3.  mfc71.dll (just download, don't install)

4.  add_path (you need only add_path.exe in the zip file)

Building TortoiseHg installer:
1. Build and Install Mercurial on your system via Mercurial's source code. 
   See Mercurial's Wiki page on how to do this:
2. Clone a copy of the TortoiseHg repository, and chdir into the clone.

3. Build TortoiseHg binary with py2exe:
      python setup.py py2exe
4. Copy mfc71.dll and add_path.exe into the dist directory created by py2exe.

5. Copy GTK's etc/, lib/ and share/ directories into the dist directory created
   by py2exe.
   Note that we really only need the share/theme/ directory, so you may
   remove all other subdirectories in dist/share/ to reduce the size of 
   the installer.

6. Open installer\tortoisehg.iss with Inno Setup compiler, then press Ctrl-F9
   to generate the installer, TortoiseHg-snapshot.exe, in the 
   C:\hg\tortoisehg-release\Output directory.