Hi there! Thanks for taking interest in my senior project: an Audio Spectrum Visualiser (ASV). This report details the design and implementation of an FPGA-based audio spectrum visualizer. The system was designed to receive and process audio signals from 100Hz to 15kHz. A custom PCB was designed to host and connect all peripheral components to the chosen FPGA development board. The result of the audio analysis is displayed on a grid of 8 by 8 (64 total) RGB LEDs. The entire system is compact and powered by a signal 5V power supply.

You may obtain the most recent documentation by visiting the docs/spring folder.

Fully Assembled PCB (2)

For the most part, I have tested components on a part-by-part basis and have kept seperate projects to test them with. I keep all common code files (like the TLC5052 transmitter code, for example) which will be used by other projects in a code/common_src. All Quartus project folders (should) have a design_ref directory where diagrams or state machines are explained graphically. This can help make sense of the code's intention.

Again, most documentation for the project can be found in the docs folder. I would highly reccommend looking at the "ASV Final Design Doc" first. That is the document which I have been updating often.

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Alexander Hogen

B.S. Computer Engineering Technology, Aug. 2016

Oregon Institute of Technology