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This directory contains some utilities, diagnostic tools and helper
scripts for developing, building and testing OSS.


This is a simple utility that is used by "make dep". It lists the dependencies
of each the source files given in the command line. This utility is used since
GNU cpp is not available in all environments we support. It will be compiled 
and used automatically when OSS is built.


This is an internal diagnostic tool that can be used to extract run-time tracing
information produced by OSS. To use this feature you need to use
the --enable-timings option when configuring OSS.
Don't define this flag in production environment since it will cause
significant amount of CPU overhead.

Compile this program using "make readtimings" and then copy it to (say)

Then start readtimings>some_file.txt in one terminal window (or in backround).
Run the program you would like to debug in another window. Kill the readtimings
program as soon as the problem shows up (the listing may be very long).

Now the produced file (say some_file.txt) will contain a trace of what
happened. Don't ask what all this means?


An utility program for displaying information about a HD audio codec chip.
You need to edit hdaudio.conf and set the hdaudio_snoopy option to 1. The 
program tries to open /dev/oss/hdaudio0/pcm0 and to obtain the codec information
from the driver. If the codec has some other codec number than 0 then you will
need to edit the source and to change the "int cad=0;" line to match the
codec number. This utility must be run as root.


These are helper scripts for editing OSS files. Copy them to /usr/local.

vif <file_mask> finds all files that match the given mask in the
current directory and it's source trees. For example vif os_*.h will launch
"vi" command for os.h files.

vib, vil, vis, viu are similar commands for editing OS dependent files
for Freebsd, Linux, Solaris and SCO UnixWare/OpenServer (respectively). These
commands are usefull if you like to edit the file only for Linux (vil).
The fif script will open them for all operating systems.


This is a tool to generate dedicated mixer modules for HDAudio based laptops
and motherboards. Actually this program will generate just a template that
needs to be edited and fine tuned manually. Full instructions are available
at "".