oss4-netbsd / kernel / framework / include / oss_calls.h

 * Purpose: Prototypes for various internal routines of OSS. 
#define COPYING19 Copyright (C) Hannu Savolainen and Dev Mazumdar 1996-2007. All rights reserved.

 * sndstat.c
void store_msg (char *msg);
/* Run time debugging stuff (for testing purposes only) */
void oss_do_timing (char *txt);
void oss_do_timing2 (int timing_mask, char *txt);
void timing_set_device (int dev, dmap_t * dmap);
typedef oss_native_word (*oss_timing_timer_func) (void *);
void timing_install_timer (oss_timing_timer_func, void *);
void oss_timing_enter (int bin);
void oss_timing_leave (int bin);
void timing_open (void);
void timing_close (void);

typedef int (*put_status_func_t) (const char *s);
typedef int (*put_status_int_t) (unsigned int val, int radix);
extern void oss_print_license (put_status_func_t put_status,
			       put_status_int_t put_status_int);
extern int oss_license_handle_time (time_t t);

extern void install_sndstat (oss_device_t * osdev);
extern void install_dev_mixer (oss_device_t * osdev);

 * vmix_core.c

extern void vmix_core_uninit (void);
extern void vmix_core_init (oss_device_t *osdev);
extern int vmix_attach_audiodev(oss_device_t *osdev, int masterdev, int input_master, unsigned int attach_flags);
extern int vmix_detach_audiodev(int masterdev);
extern int vmix_create_client(void *vmix_mixer);
extern void vmix_change_devnames(void *vmix_mixer, const char *name);
extern int vmix_set_master_rate(int masterdev, int rate);
extern int vmix_set_channel_map(int masterdev, void *map);

 * oss_audio_core.c

extern void oss_audio_init (oss_device_t *osdev);
extern void oss_audio_uninit (void);

 * Internal debugging (oss_mixer_core.c)
extern void oss_timing_printf (char *s, ...);