Atlassian Connect Client Framework for Dart (AcDart)


Provides a Dart implementation of a client framework for Atlassian Connect.

AcDart is designed so that it can be used in an À la carte fashion where you can pick and choose the parts you want in your own Dart stack, at the same time as providing what we believe is a kick arse out of the box full stack.

We recommend that you at least start with the full stack. Once you are familiar with it, if you feel that you want to use something different (e.g a different web framework than Shelf) then keep the bits you like and swap out those that you don't.


Getting Started

To get up and running quickly download and install Dart and create a new Dart project (e.g. using the Dart Editor). Add add the following dependency to your project's pubspec.yaml file.

  atlassian_connect_shelf: any

Run pub get (the Dart Editor will do that automatically) to download the dependencies.

Follow the Basic Usage section of Atlassian Connect Shelf Server and you should be up and running in a few minutes. Take a look at the example folder within the AcDart Shelf Server. Not a bad idea to simply copy it for your first project.

Going À la carte (Diving deeper)

Once you are up and running you will likely want to dive deeper and get a better understanding of the different AcDart components.

The following table summarises the components. Note the dependencies column indicates only the dependencies between these components. i.e. what else you need to pick up if you use one of them.

Component Description Dependencies
Atlassian Connect extensions for Json Web Token Helpers for encoding, decoding and validating Atlassian Connect Jwt tokens as well as addon session tokens
Domain Models for Atlassian Connect Dart Models for connect descriptors
Atlassian Connect Host Services Helpers for interacting with the Atlassian Product hosts including registration and communications Atlassian Connect extensions for Json Web Token, Domain Models for Atlassian Connect Dart
Atlassian Connect Shelf Server A web server for AcDart based on the Dart Shelf framework All

Deploying on Heroku

Follow the instructions at running-dart-in-cloud-with-heroku

Note: AcDart requires Dart SDK 1.9 or better