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irc / ChangeLog

2000-10-02  Joel Rosdahl  <joel@rosdahl.net>

	* Released version 0.2.3.
	* irclib.py (ServerConnection.connect): Make socket.connect() work
	for Python >= 1.6.

2000-09-26  Joel Rosdahl  <joel@rosdahl.net>

	* Released version 0.2.2.

	* irclib.py (ServerConnection.user): Fixed erroneous format

2000-09-24  Joel Rosdahl  <joel@rosdahl.net>

	* Released version 0.2.1.

	* irclib.py (ServerConnection.process_data): Bug fix (didn't keep
	track of nick name).
	(IRC.process_once): New method.
	(ServerConnection.process_data): Bug fix.
	(IRC.disconnect_all): Created.
	(IRC.exit): Removed.
	(ServerConnection.exit): Removed.
	(ServerConnection.connect): Follow RFC closer.
	(ServerConnection.user): Follow RFC closer.

	* ircbot.py: Removed.

	* irccat (on_disconnect): Just sys.exit(0).

	* servermap (on_disconnect): Just sys.exit(0).

	* irclib.py: Various documentation and some clean-ups.

1999-08-21  Joel Rosdahl  <joel@rosdahl.net>

	* Released version 0.2.0.

	* servermap: Updated to work with irclib 0.2.0.

	* irccat: Updated to work with irclib 0.2.0.

	* ircbot.py: Updated to work with irclib 0.2.0.  The bot now
 	checks every minute that it is connected.  If it's not, it

	* irclib.py: Changes in how to create a ServerConnection object.
  	Made the code for handling disconnection hopefully more robust.
  	Renamed connect() to sconnect().

1999-06-19  Joel Rosdahl  <joel@rosdahl.net>

	* irclib.py: Released 0.1.0.