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This is a project template for Django 1.4+, which introduces the new project templates feature.

It includes:

  • Twitter bootstrap static files
  • customized project layout
  • sample base.html
  • a default "home page" view
  • commonly used 3rd party apps (South, debug toolbar etc)


Download/checkout django-bootstrap-template to your local filesystem. Then create a new project: myproject --template=/path/to/django-bootstrap-template/template

Set up your database and settings (PostgreSQL is assumed as default, modify accordingly) and you should be good to go.


This template uses the default Django 1.4 template as a starting point. It also has some "opinionated" changes to that layout, as well as some ready-made views etc to minimize start-up time.


Settings are in a package, with specific development, production, and staging settings, all inheriting from settings.base. To use a specific settings module, for example:

python --settings=myproject.settings.staging

The "development" settings are assumed by default in, change this as needed. Add more settings modules as your environment requires.


The "main" app is called "site". This should contain project-wide functionality, such as base models, template tags, etc.