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-.. module:: datamine.dialog
-	:synopsis: Dialog used to search repository history
-The datamine application is used to inspect the revision history of your
-repository.  It is a tabbed application that supports two tab types,
-*Search* and *Annotate*.
-Search Tabs
-.. figure:: figures/search.png
-	:alt: Search dialog
-	Search tabs
-The search tab is used to search (*grep*) through your entire revision
-history for keywords, variable names, functions, etc... 
-The text entry fields have these purposes:
-	:guilabel:`regexp`
-		Regular expression search criteria.
-	:guilabel:`includes`
-		Comma separated list of paths to include in your search. If no
-		paths are given, the search is assumed to be repository wide. In
-		other words, specifying an include path actually narrows the
-		search criteria.
-	:guilabel:`excludes`
-		Comma separated list of paths to exclude from your search.
-		Exclusion patterns are applied after inclusion patterns.
-The toggle buttons below the entry fields are for:
-	:guilabel:`Follow copies and renames`
-		follow searches through copies and renames out of inclusion filters
-	:guilabel:`Ignore case`
-		Perform the search without case considerations
-	:guilabel:`Show line numbers`
-		Show line numbers at the front of the matching lines
-	:guilabel:`Show all matching revisions`
-		Show every instance where the search criteria matches in a file,
-		not just the most recent revision.  It shows +/- to indicate
-		whether the change adds or removes your search text.
-Search tabs are named after the search string most recently used to
-start a search.  The :guilabel:`New Search` toolbar button will
-obviously open a new search tab while the :guilabel:`Stop` button will
-terminate an ongoing search (the :guilabel:`Stop` button is only
-sensitive when a search is in progress).
-Each match will be a link to a changeset and will have a descriptive
-tooltip (author, date/time, summary).  Right clicking on a matched line
-will bring up a context menu with these features:
-	:guilabel:`display change`
-		open a changeset window with this changeset, to see the full context
-	:guilabel:`annotate file`
-		open an annotation tab for this file at this revision
-	:guilabel:`file history`
-		open a changelog window with this file's revision history
-	:guilabel:`view file at revision`
-		open the current file at the specified revision in your favorite
-		text editor.
-Annotate Tabs
-.. figure:: figures/annotate.png
-	:alt: Annotate tabs
-	Annotate tabs
-The revision graph has a simple context menu for opening the entire
-changeset in the changeset browser. Activating a row in the revision
-graph updates the file annotation to that revision.
-In the bottom pane is the actual annotation. Each line in the annotation
-is also a link to the changeset which provided that line. Activating a
-row will zoom the changelog (top pane) to the changeset that introduced
-that line and change focus to the top pane.
-The color scheme in the annotation pane is two dimensional. Authors
-determine hue, and age determines saturation. The older a change, the
-lighter the color.
-By right-clicking on the annotate pane's column headers (Line, Rev,
-Source) you can bring up a menu for showing two optional columns:
-:guilabel:`filename` and :guilabel:`user`.
-Following Renames
-The annotation data will automatically follow lines of code back through
-copies and renames to find the initial changeset that introduced the
-line.  The graph log pane will also attempt to follow renames and
-copies, so some lines in the graph may correlate to different filenames
-than the original annotated file path.  Renames are indicated in the
-graph by color changes within a column.
-The annotate tabs support the following configurations defined primarily
-for other tools:
-:menuselection:`Changelog --> Author Coloring`
-	Give each author a separate color in the changelog graph
-:menuselection:`Changelog --> Long Summary`
-	Concatenates lines of commit message together to reach an 80
-	character summary.
-:menuselection:`TortoiseHg --> Tab width`
-	Number of spaces to expand tabs in diffs and annotate output
-From command line
-The datamine tool can be started from command line ::
-	hgtk datamine
-	aliases: annotate, blame
-	repository search and annotate tool
-	use "hgtk -v help datamine" to show global options
-.. vim: noet ts=4