my thg / tortoisehg.rc

; Configuration file for TortoiseHg Windows COM Server
; This is intended to be copied into your system wide configuration
; directory (C:\Python25\Mercurial\hgrc.d) or to be appended to your
; system wide configuration file (C:\Program Files\Mercurial\Mercurial.ini)

; Favorite commit tool.  Options 'qct', 'gcommit', 'internal'
commit = qct
; Favorite history browser.  Options 'hgk', 'hgview', 'glog', 'internal'
view = hgk
; Visual diff command.  Requires extdiff extension to be configured
vdiff = vdiff
; Working directory status tool.  Options 'gstatus', 'internal'
status = gstatus
; Flag which declares you have hg-config installed, enables options menu
hgconfig = 1
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