Pagewise is a static website generator, similar to Github's Jekyll but generalized.

In particular, it's not blog-aware and does not have any builtin notion of either posts or categories. Instead, it categorizes all the files in its content folder by their extension, sorts them, adds convenient properties and makes all of that available to the template engine. Additional properties may be added via YAML headers.

Those files can represent posts, projects, items in a sidebar or whatever you want.


  • Not limited to blogs or any other kind of website.
  • UTF-8 support.
  • Works on both Python 2.7.+ and 3.1.+
  • Can use either Python Markdown or Misaka as renderers.
  • A quite powerful template engine: Jinja2.
  • Can use Pygments for syntax highlighting.
  • Pagination support for any page and section (not just index/posts).
  • Will not delete .hg or .git directories when writing to local repositories.
  • Windows support is not an afterthought.


All the major features are implemented but there is no documentation (yet). I plan to fix that soon. In the meantime, you can take a gander at my blog source code to see what a pw project looks like.


As usual, everything is licensed under the WTFPL.