ImGuiOrx v0.1.0 - ImGui for Orx Engine

ImGuiOrx is an integration of ImGui for the Orx Game Engine.

Building ImGui Orx

The library depends on: - Orx Game Engine library - ImGui library

Before building ImGuiOrx, you need to perform few steps.

Build Orx Game Engine

Please, clone Orx Game Engine from here ( and follow instructions on how to build it.
If you're a Linux/OSx user, please take also a look here (

When you've done with cloning, setupping and building, please check if in your environment variables you have one named ORX that points to the Orx Game Engine folder.

Setup ImGuiOrx

After cloning ImGuiOrx repository you need to run ./setup(.bat/.sh) and let it create all project files you need.

ImGuiOrx library depends on ImGui ( hence a submodule has been used.

Ensure the submodules required by this repo are updated before building. To do so:

  • cd into the imguiorx repo folder
  • git submodule init
  • git submodule update

Build ImGuiOrx Library

Now you can move to (ImGuiOrx folder)/build/(platform) and select your favourite IDE folder and use project files to build ImGuiOrx.
In the output folder, (ImGuiOrx folder)/lib/static, you can find produced static library.

For example, with gmake (mingw32):

mingw32-make imgui_orx config=debug
mingw32-make imgui_orx config=release

Produces lib/static/libimgui_orx.a and lib/static/libimgui_orxd.a

IMPORTANT for Visual Studio users:

When you load the solution you need to right-click on the solution and then "Retarget Solution".

Test application

Under (ImGuiOrx folder)/test folder you can find a test application you can use to play with this integration.
It will be built in the same time of ImGuiOrx Library.
You can find produced executable file in (ImGuiOrx folder)/bin/ folder.

How to use ImGuiOrx Library

Depending to the IDE you're using, you need to specify, in your project, where the compiler will find needed header files. In addition to Orx Game Engine header folder, you need to specify two more folders:

  • (ImGuiOrx folder)/include
  • (ImGuiOrx folder)/imgui

To allow your linker to link the proper library you need to specify static library folder where ImGuiOrx static library can be found: -(ImGuiOrx folder)/lib/static

As you can see in (ImGuiOrx folder)/test/main.cpp, you need to include:

  • ImGui_Orx.h
  • imgui.h
  • orx.h

If you take a look at the example file, you can see in ImGuiOrx_Init() there's ImGui context initialization. After the initialization, Orx will continuously call ImGuiOrx_Run(), the place where we tell ImGui what controls we want to draw (see ImGui tutorials) To render all of ImGui controls, we need our application to react orxEVENT_TYPE_RENDER events with orxRENDER_EVENT_STOP id.
That's needed because we want to render ImGui stuff on top of other game stuff.

To better understand how to use ImGui, please take a look at (ImGuiOrx folder)/imgui/imgui_demo.cpp as it exposes almost all features ImGui implements.


This code is distributed under WTFPL License (
Enjoy and don't fuck about my Whitesmiths coding style!