Configurable product for Django-shop

This plugin allow you to:

  • Define product types in django admin interface with custom set of fields
  • Add custom fields to products

Supported field types

  • Float field
  • Char field
  • Image field (with preview in admin via sorl.thumbnail)
  • Boolean field (NullBooleanField)


As per usual PIP operations you can install configurableproduct via one of three ways :


  • Include 'configurableproduct' in your INSTALLED_APPS

  • Run the database migrations to create the tables

    python ./manage.py migrate


  • If you want to use CProduct model directly, set ENABLE_CPRODUCT_ADMIN to True in your settings file.

How to use it

Static Fields

  • If you want to define static fields for all product types (i.e. size, ...):
  • Create a subclass of configurableproduct.models.CProduct
  • Write admin class based on configurableproduct.admin.CProductAdmin

Accessing Fields

  • You can access custom fields via productfloat_set, productchar_set,... as:

  • You can access ordered list of custom fields via product_object.field_list property

Products of Type

  • each ProductType has a reverse reference to a list of products that use it to define their Type.

./project/manage.py schemamigration configurableproduct

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