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Andrew Schein
pulled in the pull request 27aa7df, fixed an endian bug for u2_sort.
Alex Reynolds
Submitted changes to code which fix testbench and enable compilation with Clang/LLVM compilers in Mac OS X
memory leak fix.
moved timing code to within repo.
now using a local copy of TIME.c Also fixed naming glitch in usort/u4_sort.c
changed benchmarks to x-fold speedup (from % change) in some cases. added -lm to usort compilation fixed naming glitch in usort directory.
fixed up the README a bit.
I think I got introsort working. testing as I do backup commit to central repo.
adding last file.
backing up work.
backing up one last time.
removed all the backup files from version control.
removed some stuff.
back up.
backing up.
backing up today's work.
backing up state.
still can't get it to work.
b ack up.
back up.
back up.
back up.
try again.
try again
back up.
added .hgignore
add .hgignore.
backing up work.
preparing for switch to introsort.
removed this old file.
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