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Roundup: an Issue-Tracking System for Knowledge Workers

Copyright (c) 2003-2009 Richard Jones (
Copyright (c) 2002 Inc (
Copyright (c) 2001 Bizar Software Pty Ltd (


The impatient may try Roundup immediately by typing at the console::


To start anew (a fresh demo instance)::

   python nuke

Run from the *source* directory; don't try to run from
the *installed* directory, it will *break*.

For installation instructions, please see installation.txt in the "doc"

For upgrading instructions, please see upgrading.txt in the "doc" directory.

Usage and Other Information
See the index.txt file in the "doc" directory.
The *.txt files in the "doc" directory are written in reStructedText. If
you have rst2html installed (part of the docutils suite) you can convert
these to HTML by running "make html" in the "doc" directory.


Recent activity

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