Aneuch README file

Alternatively, all documentation may be found online at:

Hi there, and welcome to the world of wikis. I hope you find Aneuch perfect
for your usage. Use this file to help you get started.

Installing Aneuch is easy. Drop the file 'aneuch.pl' in your site's directory.
Some hosts make you use a cgi-bin, others do not. If you are unsure, check
with your web host.

You may place the file 'config.pl' in the same directory. If you choose to 
place it elsewhere, you will need to tell Aneuch where to find it. You can do
so by either editing Aneuch directly, or by creating a wrapper script. Here
is an example wrapper:

package Aneuch;
$ConfFile = '/tmp/aneuch/config.pl';
do 'aneuch.pl';

Change the $ConfFile line to point to your actual config file, and you're off!

You can either use the wrapper example above, and name it index.cgi, or you
can rename aneuch.pl to index.cgi.

If you have any questions, refer to the website listed above.