James Taylor committed ef58806

Two fixes for from Thomas Mailund

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     Try to fuse a list of blocks by progressively fusing each adjacent pair.
-    rval = []
     last = None
     for m in mafs:
         if last is None:
             if fused:
                 last = fused
-                rval.append( last )
+                yield last
                 last = m
-    if last: rval.append( last )
-    return rval
+    if last:
+        yield last
 def fuse( m1, m2 ):
                 self.last = m
     def close( self ):
         if self.last: self.maf_writer.write( self.last )
-        self.maf_writer.close()
+        self.maf_writer.close()


-    new = []
     for m in mafs:
         new_maf = deepcopy( m )
         new_components = get_components_for_species( new_maf, species )	
             remove_all_gap_columns( new_components )          
             new_maf.components = new_components
             new_maf.score = 0.0
-            new.append( new_maf )   
-    return new
+            new_maf.text_size = len(new_components[0].text)
+            yield new_maf
 def get_components_for_species( alignment, species ):
     """Return the component for each species in the list `species` or None"""
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