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-To avoid polluting the development machine with Python modules that are
-only useful for this project, setting up a virtual environment is
-highly recommended.
-[Virtualenv]( is already installed
-on the development machine, but can be installed on another environment
-as follows:
-    $ pip install virtualenv
-To create the actual virtual environment:
-    $ virtualenv --no-site-packages appathon
-You can use any other name for `appathon` if you wish so. The
-`--no-site-packages` option translates to not using any installed libraries
-that may be present in the `site-packages` directory.
-Activate the environment with:
-    $ source appathon/bin/activate
-Finally, install all requirements with this simple command:
-    $ pip install -r requirements.txt
+Hackathon app using Redis, Django, Highcharts to build a stream of 
+sampled inventory prices from ad bidders.