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 Note that this application requires Python 2.3 or later, and a
-functional installation of Django 1.0 or newer. You can obtain Python
+functional installation of Django 1.` or newer. You can obtain Python
 from and Django from
-This is an experimental fork of django-registration, implementing a
-pluggable registration-backend system. You shouldn't be using this,
-because it's likely to be any of A) non-functional, B) horrifically
-backwards-incompatible, C) incomplete or D) all of the above.
+Django user registration
-For details on the planned implementation, see the notes on backends
-for django-registration:
+This is a fairly simple user-registration application for Django_,
+designed to make allowing user signups as painless as possible. It
+requires a functional installation of Django 1.1 or newer, but has no
+other dependencies.
+For installation instructions, see the file "INSTALL" in this
+directory; for instructions on how to use this application, and on
+what it provides, see the file "quickstart.rst" in the "docs/"