Issue #18 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

In line 512 in Function currentWeatherByCoordinates the language parameter is missing.

New line 513 should be: .append(PARAM_LANG).append(this.lang).append("&")

In the other functions like hourlyForecastByCityName or currentWeatherByCityCode, the parameter is there, but for currentWeatherByCoordinates it is missing.

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  1. Ashutosh Kumar Singh repo owner

    Hi, thanks for reaching out to me. And apologies for the late response. I wasn't able to work on this lib for long time, but finally I have decided to work on it and make it the full-featured lib. for

    I have shifted the repo. to Kindly check it there.

    You will find this issue is fixed in the new version. Thank you.

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