Geordi: Interactive Django profiling

Geordi is a Django middleware that lets you interactively profile your site. Add ?__geordi__ to any URL, browse to it, and you'll get a PDF showing the request's call graph and the time spent in each call.

If you've set DEBUG = True in your Django settings, anyone can profile a pageā€“even anonymous users. With DEBUG = False, only super users can profile pages.

If you're running your Django site under a server like Gunicorn and you've configured time limits on requests, you can set GEORDI_CELERY = True to run the profiler in a background Celery task.

If you're running multiple front-end servers and need PDFs to be saved to a shared directory, set GEORDI_OUTPUT_DIR. If it's not set, the temporary directory provided by the system is used.


Before you get started, make sure you have GraphViz installed.

After you've done pip install geordi, add 'geordi' to the INSTALLED_APPS setting, and add 'geordi.VisorMiddleware' to the MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES setting. You'll probably want to put it after Django's authentication middleware and before everything else.

For background profiling with Celery, set GEORDI_CELERY = True.