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Trying it out now: re-enable the JIT with continulets

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File pypy/module/_continuation/

         if self.sthread is not None:
             raise geterror(, "continulet already __init__ialized")
         sthread = build_sthread(
-        workaround_disable_jit(sthread)
         # hackish: build the frame "by hand", passing it the correct arguments
         space =
                 raise geterror(, "continulet already finished")
-        workaround_disable_jit(self.sthread)
         global_state.origin = self
         if to is None:
         sthread = ec.stacklet_thread = SThread(space, ec)
     return sthread
-def workaround_disable_jit(sthread):
-    # A bad workaround to kill the JIT anywhere in this thread.
-    # This forces all the frames.  It's a bad workaround because
-    # it takes O(depth) time, and it will cause some "abort:
-    # vable escape" in the JIT.  The goal is to prevent any frame
-    # from being still virtuals, because the JIT generates code
-    # to un-virtualizable them "on demand" by loading values based
-    # on FORCE_TOKEN, which is an address in the stack.
 # ____________________________________________________________
 def permute(space, args_w):