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liads  committed 9353189

Added automatic logout of deactivated/deleted users

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File rhodecode/lib/auth.py

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         if self._api_key and self._api_key != self.anonymous_user.api_key:
             #try go get user by api key
             log.debug('Auth User lookup by API KEY %s', self._api_key)
-            user_model.fill_data(self, api_key=self._api_key)
-            is_user_loaded = True
+            is_user_loaded = user_model.fill_data(self, api_key=self._api_key)
         elif self.user_id is not None \
             and self.user_id != self.anonymous_user.user_id:
             log.debug('Auth User lookup by USER ID %s', self.user_id)
-            user_model.fill_data(self, user_id=self.user_id)
-            is_user_loaded = True
+            is_user_loaded = user_model.fill_data(self, user_id=self.user_id)
         elif self.username:
             log.debug('Auth User lookup by USER NAME %s', self.username)
             dbuser = User.get_by_username(self.username)
                 #then we set this user is logged in
                 self.is_authenticated = True
+                self.user_id = None
+                self.username = None
                 self.is_authenticated = False
         if not self.username:

File rhodecode/lib/base.py

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                 username = None
             self.rhodecode_user = c.rhodecode_user = AuthUser(user_id, api_key, username)
-            if not self.rhodecode_user.is_authenticated:
+            if not self.rhodecode_user.is_authenticated and \
+                       self.rhodecode_user.user_id is not None:
                                        'is_authenticated', False))

File rhodecode/model/user.py

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                 dbuser = self.get(user_id)
-            if dbuser is not None:
+            if dbuser is not None and dbuser.active:
                 log.debug('filling %s data', dbuser)
                 for k, v in dbuser.get_dict().items():
                     setattr(auth_user, k, v)
+            else:
+                return False
             auth_user.is_authenticated = False
+            return False
-        return auth_user
+        return True
     def fill_perms(self, user):