Ahmad Khayyat committed f464ef0

openbox: key binding: gnome-screensaver

gnome-screensaver supports libpam-google-authenticator while i3lock does not.
However, gnome-screensaver does not power down the monitors on lock while i3lock does!

Current compromise: use gnome-screensaver and explicitly power down the monitors after
activating it using xset.
Problem: A failed password leaves the monitors powered up.

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         <command>i3lock -c000000 -d</command>
+    <keybind key="W-C-S-l">
+      <action name="Execute">
+        <command>sh -c "gnome-screensaver-command -l; xset dpms force off"</command>
+      </action>
+    </keybind>
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