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Blink an LED(steps)

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 === Blink an LED
+To practice what you have learned in the lab, you need to make an LED blinking.
+To achieve that you need to do the following:
+. Figure out to which _port pin_ the LED is connected. (you can do that by referring to lpc1769 board data sheet)
+. Use the above _#define_  directives
++ then in an infinite loop inside _main()_:
+. Set the correct pin in the direction register to 1 (making that pin output).
+. Set the correct pin to 1 (This will turn the LED OFF; WHY?) 
+. Clear the correct pin to 0 (This will turn the LED ON; WHY?)
+. Insert a loop delay after both set and clear (to be able to see the blinking)
 === Debug Your Project