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Fix filebrowser/media-library URL and button text

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File mdown/static/mdown/wmd/wmd.js

         "<p style='margin-top: 0px'><b>Enter the image URL.</b></p>" + 
         "<p>You can also add a title, which will be displayed as a tool tip.</p>" +
         "<p>Example:<br />   \"Optional title\"</p>" +
-        "<p><button class=\"access_fb\" goto=\"/admin/filebrowser/browse/?pop=1&type=image\" name=\"filebrowser\"><span>access filebrowser</span></button></p>",
+        "<p><button class=\"access_fb\" goto=\"/admin/media-library/browse/?pop=1&type=image\" name=\"filebrowser\"><span>Browse Media Library</span></button></p>",
         "<p style='margin-top: 0px'><b>Enter the web address.</b></p>" +