Issue #8 resolved

> becomes >

Eric Boo avatarEric Boo created an issue


1) I'm trying to do a block quote and always the ">" becomes ">" after I click save.

Happens with both mezzanine_pagedown.widgets.PlainWidget and mezzanine_pagedown.widgets.PageDownWidget.

2) In fact, style attributes are stripped from html elements like <div style="float: left;">

Comments (4)

  1. Ahmad Khayyat

    Thanks for the report, Eric Boo

    1) I will look into this, but it may take a while. Patches welcome.

    2) Are you writing HTML in your Markdown? I am curious as to why you would need to write style attributes in Markdown. If this is a different issue from 1), please create a separate issue report for it.

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