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Issue #17 invalid

"Uncaught reference error: Markdown is not defined" again

Paul Whipp
created an issue

Similar to #12 but I'm seeing this in version 0.8 on the front end.

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  1. Paul Whipp reporter

    I tried including the Markdown.*.js scripts in the doc head as a workaround but I then hit "browseMediaLibrary is undefined" so it looks like a more significant initialisation problem.

    Don't hesitate to let me know if I can help with this but my main expertise is Python/Django not Javascript.

  2. Paul Whipp reporter

    There is a related problem on the back end admin: When I try to save there, I get the error "/admin_keywords_submit/ 403 forbidden" suggesting something has got broken regarding the csrf token.

    Changing the RICHTEXT_WIDGET_CLASS setting back to PlainText (from PageDownWidget) works around both of these issues by turning the editor back to a less useful plain text box.

  3. Ahmad Khayyat repo owner

    The current version works fine for me. Can you list the required steps to reproduce the problem from scratch, e.g. using the example site generated by Mezzanine?

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