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Issue #4 resolved

Pagedown javascript files not included when downloading zip file

Nate Aune
created an issue

I installed mezzanine-pagedown using the Zip file, and noticed that the Pagedown editor wasn't loading. Looking in the Javascript console, I could see that none of the Markdown .js files were loading (see screenshot attachment).

I also noticed that the only file that was being copied during the collectstatic command was the pagedown.css file.

Copying '/Users/nateaune/Dropbox/code/venvs/mezzanine/lib/python2.7/site-packages/mezzanine_pagedown/static/mezzanine_pagedown/css/pagedown.css'

Upon further inspection, it appears that none! of the Markdown javascript files were in mezzanine-pagedown's /static dir.

Looking at the repository, it appears that you are using submodules to pull in the Markdown javascript files (https://bitbucket.org/akhayyat/mezzanine-pagedown/src/019a0f91c410712569378e3b9303353dfdc28396/mezzanine_pagedown/static/mezzanine_pagedown?at=default).

But when I use pip to install mezzanine-pagedown using the .zip file, then these dependencies are not included.

changing my requirements file from:



-e hg+ssh://hg@bitbucket.org/akhayyat/mezzanine-pagedown#egg=mezzanine-pagedown

Seems to have done the trick. It would be really great if you could make a proper release to PyPI, so I could just put this in my requirements file:


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