About This Repository

This repository is for GNU Screen configuration files. It includes the .screenrc file and any other related files that are used by the .screenrc file.

Note that the name of the .screenrc file in the repository is actually screenrc (without the dot) for convenience. You can simply link to the file from your home directory:

 cd $HOME
 ln -s $SCREENRC_REPO_DIR/screenrc .screenrc


The current configuration assumes the following:

  • Linux

    System statistics are collected from Linux-specific pseudo-files in the /proc directory

  • Debian, or a Debian derivative

    The current scripts list the number of available updates, and use Debian's package manager (APT) to get that information

  • The package gawk

    The AWK script uses some gawk-only features

  • The package apt-show-versions

    This is also used to get the number of available updates

How to Use

  1. Clone the repository to your local machine:

    hg clone


    git clone
  2. Set the path for the included script(s) in the screenrc file to the absolute path of the repository ($SCREENRC_REPO_DIR), by editing the following line in the screenrc file:

    backtick 100 0 0 $HOME/.dotfiles/screenrc/screen-stats.awk

    The default above assumes that $SCREENRC_REPO_DIR is $HOME/.dotfiles/screenrc/

  3. Link the .screenrc file in your home directory to the screenrc file in the repository:

    ln -s $SCREENRC_REPO_DIR/screenrc $HOME/.screenrc

How it Looks