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Sravanthi Yendluri avatarSravanthi Yendluri created an issue

Thank you for the wonderful plugin. I have a feature request. It would be great if the user can add a template globally to all the projects instead of going to each project and creating a new Issue Template for a tracker type. Maybe we can have an option if the user wants to add it globally or just for that project May be we can have a parent project that has the template and then if anything gets changed in that template, update the changes in the rest of all the projects

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  1. Sravanthi Yendluri

    Yes it does. But I am not sure what global templates are. but from what I saw and from the test case that I have, I am good with creating a global issue template for all the projects for a desired tracker type.

  2. Sravanthi Yendluri

    Following is the query i wrote to add the issue templates to all the projects:

    INSERT INTO issue_templates (title,project_id,tracker_id,author_id,note,description,enabled,created_on,updated_on,issue_title) SELECT issue_templates.title, Inbound.project_id, issue_templates.tracker_id, issue_templates.author_id, issue_templates.note, issue_templates.description, issue_templates.enabled, issue_templates.created_on, issue_templates.updated_on, issue_templates.issue_title FROM (SELECT DISTINCT project_id FROM projects_trackers WHERE tracker_id IN (SELECT tracker_id FROM issue_templates WHERE project_id = (SELECT project_id from issue_template_settings where enabled = 1 and help_message != "") )) AS Inbound, issue_templates WHERE issue_templates.project_id = (SELECT project_id from issue_template_settings where enabled = 1 and help_message != "") AND NOT EXISTS (SELECT project_id from issue_templates WHERE Inbound.project_id = issue_templates.project_id) ORDER BY Inbound.project_id, issue_templates.tracker_id

    Please suggest if I have to change anything else

  3. Akiko Takano

    Hi, I've released version 0.0.6, this release support inherit parent project templates. And I'm going to add the feature for global template before long.

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