Template select should not have optgroup

Issue #40 open
Ryan Lett
created an issue

This is just me being picky, but I don't see the reason for grouping the issue templates with an optgroup. In my mind this should just show the available templates for the current tracker.

Maybe this is useful in some context but I can't see it.

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  1. Optio

    Could it be made optional ? A checkbox would define whether: - to optgroup, including the tracker name - or just list the templates for the selected tracker

    For our non-it users, the optgroup gives a reconfirmation of their selected tracker, which they often wrongly select

  2. Akiko.T repo owner

    @Optio, thank you for your comment.

    I like your suggestion, such as add option to use optgropu tag.

    As you described above, I set optgroup as a confirmation of current tracker, because default tracker is loaded when creating issue.

    How about?

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