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Repository Moved (on 2015/06/23)

Main repository is moved to Github.

Please visit above url to get latest code.

Note (on 2016/05/15)

Now I’m planning to move this public repositories from Bitbucket to GitHub.

Master and Develop branch is opened here:

Above repository is based on Git, so you can clone not only this repository via Mercurial but also clone via Git. Of course, I refer both site for a while, but this repository based on Mercurial will be closed or change as read only site.

About this plugin

Redmine plugin to generate and use issue templates for each project to assist issue creation.


It works as project module. Member who has "Manage Template" right can create issue templates based on trackers. Also add help message for templates, because the way to use templates may be different between projects. Member who has "Use Template" right can see the template and use them when creating new issue. Please see for more details and usage.



Build Status

For Japansese users


こちらのサイトは、ただいまGithubへの移行を検討しております。 当面どちらのissue, pull requestも確認してメンテナンスしていく予定ですが、可能であればGithub側にお届けいただけると幸いです。 (2016/05/15)

つたない英語で記載していますが、基本は日本語でのご質問/リクエストを受け付けています。 お気づきの点や、追加機能のアイディア、バグ等、お気軽にご連絡下さい! / BitbucketのIssue側、どちらでも大丈夫です。