Is this project dead?

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Stavros Korokithakis
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There are a few issues with easy fixes, but they haven't been implemented, and the project hasn't seen a commit in years.

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  1. Éric St-Jean

    i hate to say, but pretty much; akoha, the company from where this started, died itself a few years ago. That being said, i can say that there's still at least 2 of us who would likely and happily merge pull requests, but although there are a few easily fixed issues, there's no pull requests, and we don't necessarily have much time to do the fixes.

  2. Stephen J Fuhry

    Yeah, maybe I can just rebase my entire changeset into one mercurial commit and merge it back upstream.

    I probably shouldn't have converted it to git, but I've not got around to using mercurial before, and didn't feel like learning it at the time. I guess that's rather trivial in any case.

    If you do get a chance to try out my fork that'd be great. The unit tests all pass now on python3.3, so hopefully that should keep the project out of abandonware territory for quite some time. I believe there are some warnings that get spit out, but most of them seem to be expected.

    One thing I'm not sure I did correctly was fixing the timezone issue. I believe there are still warnings about naive datetime stuff in there. I tried a few things with that, but haven't come up with anything that works yet.

  3. Éric St-Jean

    i can most probably wrestle some perms from sflaw here, on pypi and github for this, and If i get a pull request on github i'll gladly merge it there, and i can push those changes here and to pypi afterwards, if you'd rather just work on git.

  4. Stephen J Fuhry

    It doesn't matter to me, although the project would probably get more folks willing to submit pull requests with git than hg. Git seems to have won the masses over since this project first started.

    Let me know how you'd like to work it in any case, and I'll do my part.

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