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Filename Size Date modified Message
563 B
Added apt-upgrade script
533 B
Use a separate regex to remove \r
915 B
fingerprint for certificate has been changed
641 B
Fixed issue with rsyslog configuration
774 B
Added ability to disable ipv6
617 B
Few polishments related to kdc/ldap client
269 B
Fixed permissions for ssl files
1.3 KB
Added conditinal installation for pre-required packges
244 B
Mount EXT3 partitions securely
236 B
Mount EXT3 partitions securely
406 B
Improved kdc-addhost script so it test of existing entries in principals list and keytab
44 B
Added authentication for principal admin
1.3 KB
Minor renames for convenience
2.5 KB
After patching dbus daemon start it should be executable
54 B
Added few more scripts for LDAP management
995 B
Added sftp to exclude list
4.6 KB
Corrected hostname
693 B
Updated for compatibility with lxc v0.8+
357 B
Added notification via mail/wall script.
1.1 KB
Added support for firefox profile
111 B
Added script o reindex LDAP database
163 B
Renamed slapd restart sccript for cron compatibility.
319 B
Removed sleep time since it is using random_sleep function