Andriy Kornatskyy avatar Andriy Kornatskyy committed a6e6564

Fixed compatibility issue with python3.3

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         >>> mapping = {'k1': 1, 'k2': 2}
         >>> keys, mapping = encode_keys(mapping,
         ...         lambda k: str(base64_encode(k).decode('latin1')))
-        >>> keys
-        {'azE=': 'k1', 'azI=': 'k2'}
-        >>> mapping
-        {'azE=': 1, 'azI=': 2}
+        >>> sorted(keys.items())
+        [('azE=', 'k1'), ('azI=', 'k2')]
+        >>> sorted(mapping.items())
+        [('azE=', 1), ('azI=', 2)]
     key_mapping = {}
     encoded_mapping = {}


             >>>'k2', 'v2', 100)
-            >>> c.get_multi(('k1', 'k2'))
-            {'k2': 'v2', 'k1': 'v1'}
+            >>> sorted(c.get_multi(('k1', 'k2')).items())
+            [('k1', 'v1'), ('k2', 'v2')]
             There is item in cache that expired
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