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 We start with a simple example. Before we proceed
-let setup `virtualenv`_ environment::
+let's setup a `virtualenv`_ environment::
     $ virtualenv env
     $ env/bin/easy_install wheezy.captcha

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 :ref:`wheezy.captcha` requires `python`_ version 2.4 to 2.7 or 3.2+.
-It is independent of operating system. You can install it from `pypi`_
-site using `setuptools`_ (you need specify extra requirements per
-imaging library of your choice)::
+It is operating system independent. You can install it from the `pypi`_
+site using `setuptools`_ (you need to specify an extra requirements per
+the imaging library of your choice)::
     $ easy_install wheezy.captcha
     $ easy_install wheezy.captcha[PIL]
 You can read how to compile from source code different versions of
 `python`_ in the `article`_ published on `mind reference`_ blog.
-You can run certain make targets with specific python version. Here
+You can run certain make targets with a specific python version. Here
 we are going to run `doctest`_ with python3.2::
     $ make env doctest-cover VERSION=3.2