Andriy Kornatskyy committed a28a5e3

Added ref_gettext - a helper function to get reference to translation unicode version of gettext cross python implementaions

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 else:  # pragma: nocover
     from urlparse import urlsplit
     from urlparse import urlunsplit
+if PY3:  # pragma: nocover
+    ref_gettext = lambda t: t.gettext
+else:  # pragma: nocover
+    ref_gettext = lambda t: t.ugettext


 import gettext
 from wheezy.core.comp import defaultdict
+from wheezy.core.comp import ref_gettext
 from wheezy.core.collections import attrdict
+null_translations = gettext.NullTranslations()
 class TranslationsManager(object):
     """ Manages several languages and translation domains.