Andriy Kornatskyy avatar Andriy Kornatskyy committed 5072487

Refactored wheezy.template tests due to eliminated get_template method in Engine.

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         'wheezy.template': [
-            'wheezy.template>=0.1.85'
+            'wheezy.template>=0.1.88'


                 'x': "@require(model, errors, message, scm)\n" + text}),
             extensions=[CoreExtension(), WidgetExtension()])
         engine.global_vars.update({'h': html_escape})
-        template = engine.get_template('x')
-        value = template.render(kwargs)
+        value = engine.render('x', kwargs, {}, {})
         assert expected == value
 except ImportError:  # pragma: nocover
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