Andriy Kornatskyy avatar Andriy Kornatskyy committed 79441eb

Space around newline in markup should not be removed.

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         (re.compile(r'^ [ \t]+', re.MULTILINE),
-        (re.compile(r'>\s*<', re.MULTILINE),
+        (re.compile(r'>\s+<', re.MULTILINE),
+        (re.compile(r'(?<![>\\])\n(?=\w)', re.MULTILINE),
+            r' \\\n'),
         (re.compile(r'\s*(?<!\\)\n', re.MULTILINE),


         assert '><' == self.preprocess('  >  < ')
+        assert '>\\\na' == self.preprocess('  >\n  a')
         assert '' == self.preprocess('  ')
         assert 'x' == self.preprocess('  x')
         assert 'x' == self.preprocess('x  ')
         # single space is preserved at the beginning of line
         assert ' x' == self.preprocess(' x')
         assert 'a\\\n b' == self.preprocess('a\n b')
+        assert '>\\\n a' == self.preprocess('>\n a')
         # whitespace is preserved at the end of line
         assert 'b  \\' == self.preprocess('  b  \\\n  ')
         assert 'a \\\nb' == self.preprocess('  a \\\n  b  ')
+        assert 'a \\\nb' == self.preprocess('a\n  b')
     from wheezy.html.ext.template import WidgetExtension
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