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Updated documentation to reflect changes due to refactoring in HTTP cache middleware.

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 Here is a map between cache profile cacheability and http cache policy:
 .. literalinclude:: ../src/wheezy/http/
-   :lines: 13-19
+   :lines: 13-17
 Cache profile method ``cache_policy`` is adapted according to map from above.
     from wheezy.caching import CacheDependency
     from wheezy.http import CacheProfile
     from wheezy.http import response_cache
-    from myapp import cache_factory
+    from myapp import cache
     cache_profile = CacheProfile('server', duration=15)
     none_cache_profile = CacheProfile('none', no_store=True)
     def change_price(request):
-        with cache_factory() as cache
-            dependency = CacheDependency('list_of_goods')
-            dependency.delete(cache)
+        dependency = CacheDependency('list_of_goods')
+        dependency.delete(cache)
         return response
 While ``list_of_goods`` is being cached, ``change_price`` handler
 :py:class:`~wheezy.http.middleware.HTTPCacheMiddleware` serves exactly
 this purpose. It is initialized with two arguments:
-* ``cache_factory`` - a cache factory to be used.
+* ``cache`` - a cache to be used (must be thread safe, see
+  `wheezy.caching`_ for various implementations).
 * ``middleware_vary`` - a strategy to be used to determine cache profile key
   for the incoming request.
 Here is an example::
-    cache_factory = ...
+    cache = ...
     options = {
-        'http_cache_factory': cache_factory
+        'http_cache': cache
     main = WSGIApplication([