Andriy Kornatskyy avatar Andriy Kornatskyy committed 85cceeb

Do not strip finishing slash as a minor use case; end-user can strip it where necessary instead.

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             ...     (r'{lang}/', admin_routes, {'lang': 'en'})
             ... ])
             >>> r.path_for(r'signin')
-            'en'
+            'en/'
             Otherwise None
             >>> r.path_for(r'unknown')
         if name in self.route_map:
-            return self.route_map[name](kwargs).rstrip('/')
+            return self.route_map[name](kwargs)
                 return ''.join([path(kwargs) for path
-                                in self.inner_route_map[name]]).rstrip('/')
+                                in self.inner_route_map[name]])
             except KeyError:
                 return None
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