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virtualenv should be found in system PATH

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 	apt-get -yq update
 	apt-get -yq dist-upgrade
-	apt-get -yq install build-essential python python-dev \
-		python-setuptools python-virtualenv mercurial
+	# How to Compile Python from Source
+	#
+	apt-get -yq install libbz2-dev build-essential python \
+		python-dev python-setuptools python-virtualenv \
+		mercurial
 	PYTHON_EXE=/usr/local/bin/python$(VERSION); \
 	if [ ! -x $$PYTHON_EXE ]; then \
 		PYTHON_EXE=/usr/bin/python$(VERSION); \
-	/usr/bin/virtualenv --python=$$PYTHON_EXE \
+	virtualenv --python=$$PYTHON_EXE \
 		--no-site-packages env
 	$(EASY_INSTALL) coverage mocker \
 		nose pytest pytest-pep8 pytest-cov wsgiref

File src/wheezy/routing/

 import re
-from route import Route
-from route import PlainRoute
-from route import RegexRoute
-from curly import RE_SPLIT as RE_CURLY_ROUTE
-from curly import convert as curly_convert
+from wheezy.routing.route import Route
+from wheezy.routing.route import PlainRoute
+from wheezy.routing.route import RegexRoute
+from wheezy.routing.curly import RE_SPLIT as RE_CURLY_ROUTE
+from wheezy.routing.curly import convert as curly_convert
 RE_PLAIN_ROUTE = re.compile('^[\w/-]+$')

File src/wheezy/routing/

 """ ``config`` module.
-from builders import try_build_plain_route
-from builders import try_build_curly_route
-from builders import try_build_regex_route
+from import try_build_plain_route
+from import try_build_curly_route
+from import try_build_regex_route
-from curly import patterns as curly_patterns
-from curly import default_pattern as curly_default_pattern
+from wheezy.routing.curly import patterns as curly_patterns
+from wheezy.routing.curly import default_pattern as curly_default_pattern
 route_builders = [

File src/wheezy/routing/

 import re
-from utils import merge
+from wheezy.routing.utils import merge
 class Route(object):

File src/wheezy/routing/

 """ ``router`` module.
-from builders import build_route
-from config import route_builders as default_route_builders
-from utils import route_name, merge
+from import build_route
+from wheezy.routing.config import route_builders as default_route_builders
+from wheezy.routing.utils import route_name, merge
 def url(pattern, handler, kwargs=None, name=None):