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wheezy.routing is a python package written in pure Python code. It is a simple mapping between URL patterns (as plain simple strings, curly expressions or regular expressions) to a handler that can be anything you like (there is no limitation or prescription what handler is or could be).

The mapping can include other mappings and constructed dynamically.

It is optimized for performance, well tested and documented.

The source code is available on bitbucket.


wheezy.routing requires python version 2.4 to 2.7 or 3.2. It is independent of operating system. You can install it using setuptools:

easy_install wheezy.routing


Get the source code using mercurial:

hg clone
cd wheezy.routing

Prepare virtualenv environment in env directory and run all tests for python2.6 (default):

make env test VERSION=2.6

doctests can be run with python3.2:

make env doctest-cover VERSION=3.2

If you run into any issue or have comments, go ahead and add on bitbucket.

User Guide and Examples

Please see the user guide and examples for more information.