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Before we proceed let setup virtualenv environment:

$ virtualenv env
$ env/bin/easy_install wheezy.template

Big Table

The big table demo compares wheezy.template with other template engines in terms of how fast a table with 10 columns x 1000 rows can be generated:

    @for row in table:
        @for key, value in row.items():

Install packages used in benchmark test:

env/bin/easy_install -O2 jinja2 mako tenjin \
  tornado wheezy.html wheezy.template

Download source code and run it:

$ env/bin/python
jinja2                         40.22ms  24.86rps
list_append                    19.85ms  50.39rps
list_extend                    18.71ms  53.46rps
mako                           36.19ms  27.63rps
tenjin                         28.97ms  34.52rps
tornado                        55.91ms  17.89rps
wheezy_template                19.99ms  50.02rps

Real World

There is real world example available in wheezy.web package. It can be found in demo.template application.