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wheezy.web / demos / template / content / templates-preprocessor / membership / signin.html


#def title():
Sign In

#def content():
@require(credential, model, errors, xsrf)
<div id="signin">
        Sign In</h2>
    Please enter your username and password. <a href="#path_for('signup')">
    Sign up</a> if you don't have an account.
    <form action="#path_for('signin')" method="post">
                <legend>Account Credentials</legend>
                @credential.password.password(autocomplete='off', maxlength='12')!h
                @model.remember_me.label('Remember me?', class_='inline')
                <input type="submit" value="Sign In" />
            <i><b>demo</b> user password is P@@ssw0rd. You can press 'Ctrl'
                + '1' to auto complete information.</i>

#def script():
<script type="text/javascript">