Andriy Kornatskyy committed 16ad495

Fixed po files processing for default locale.

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 	xgettext --join-existing --sort-by-file --omit-header \
 		--language=Python \
-		-o i18n/shared.po \
+		-o i18n/en/LC_MESSAGES/shared.po \
 		content/templates-jinja2/shared/**/*.html \
 		content/templates-mako/shared/**/*.html \
 		content/templates-tenjin/shared/**/*.html \
 	xgettext --join-existing --sort-by-file --omit-header \
 		--language=Python \
-		-o i18n/public.po src/public/**/*.py \
+		-o i18n/en/LC_MESSAGES/public.po src/public/**/*.py \
 		content/templates-jinja2/public/*.html \
 		content/templates-mako/public/*.html \
 		content/templates-tenjin/public/*.html \
 	xgettext --join-existing --sort-by-file --omit-header \
 		--language=Python \
-		-o i18n/membership.po src/membership/**/*.py \
+		-o i18n/en/LC_MESSAGES/membership.po src/membership/**/*.py \
 		content/templates-jinja2/membership/*.html \
 		content/templates-mako/membership/*.html \
 		content/templates-tenjin/membership/*.html \
 		content/templates-preprocessor/membership/*.html \
-	cp i18n/*.po i18n/en/LC_MESSAGES
 	for l in `ls -d i18n/*/ | cut -d / -f 2`; do \
 		echo -n "$$l => "; \
 		msgfmt -v i18n/$$l/LC_MESSAGES/public.po \
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